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Shower Seats for the Elderly and the Disabled A cold shower in the summer and a hot water bath in the winter is very refreshing and rejuvenating. Elderly people and the disabled ones are not able to enjoy the same things that we do in the shower. Most elderly people and disabled ones have this common fear of slipping and falling in the bathroom when they take a shower. Their families are even anxious to let them do this thing on their own. This fear is completely justified since it is extremely difficult for handicapped persons to take a shower without any support. With this problems, it then becomes important to buy a shower seat. Safety while bathing is ensured with a shower seat. Families of the elderly and handicapped persons are primarily concerned about their safety. Now, they can have a shower without being afraid of getting hurt since the shower seats help them in mobility. Without a seat, standing in the shower or getting out of a bathtub is very complicated for the elderly and he disabled.
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A shower seat will allow the elderly and disabled shower by themselves without fear and without the assistance of a caretaker. With this, they gain back their personal space and privacy.
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One benefit of shower seats is that they are light and easy to carry. They are very durable and don’t degrade since they are water proof and do not rust. They are made generally of aluminum and plastic. You can easily bring shower seats around, they can be folded and easily stored. It is not difficult to transport them and it can easily be installed without using any extra tools for the same. Because it has swinging armrests and movable backrests, the shower seat is easy to clean. Shower seats give a lot of benefit to people who find it difficult to move or walk on their own, and they can choose the best type of seat that will meet their needs. Remember that portable shower seats are a lot better than benches or fixed shower chairs. If you consider redesigning your bathroom, you can give freedom to use the shower seats more easily and efficiently. Shower seats are ideal for those who don’t find it easy to go in and take a shower by themselves. The benefit you can get from using shower seats is that risks of any kind is removed while bathing. With a portable shower seat, the elderly and the disabled, even without the help of anybody can now take a good shower any time of the day with their portable shower seat. So if you have an elderly loved one of a disabled loved one living in your home, provide them with the convenience of using a shower seat when they take a shower.

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