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A Guide to Pheasant Shooting

Another great activity that you will love as a hunter aside from the upland game is joining a driven pheasant shooting. It is an assumption that during these times, birds will surely find a way to hide from you in any way they can even if it is the smallest cover or just fly away from you. Since it becomes a challenge in going for a hunting pheasant, you need to consider different strategies in order for you to win over these birds.

The best to strike your pheasants is to do it during the time that they are still sitting tighter and this happens when you go hunting during the early seasons. You can assume that your target are still relaxed during this time therefore allowing you to get a closer range in shooting them by means of having preferable a shotgun with a #6 shot as well as having a modified choke. When you are using a 20 or 28 gauge gun, this is more likely effective if you are in the early pheasant hunting season.

If you are already moving into the season, you must have a tighter choked gun on hand. To achieve the optimum result, it is recommended that you use a 12 gauge gun that possesses a #4 or #5 shot as well as a shell containing more powder. This will enable you to effectively knockdown your target even in long range.

Having a pheasant dog to assist you in your hunting is very helpful especially when you encounter situations wherein you are left with covers of tall grasses that you seem not to see any birds at all. There might even be instances wherein there is a hiding bird on your path walk but because it is well covered, you will never know it is there until it burst from the cover and escape that fast. A dog also plays an important role when you have already taken down your target pheasant. You must remember that despite the fact that you have shot a bird, it can still escape if the injury is only mild but with your dog, you can at least minimize the chances of the bird escaping. When you choose your pheasant dog, you need to take into consideration its ability to work and listen to your demands closely.

To be considered an experience Virginia driven pheasant shooter, you need to be more careful in doing the hunt such as being able to walk back and forth across the field as well as walk slowly and quietly. This will then give you the best shooting access to your pheasant.
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