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A loan is the term used by the people that refers to the act of the individuals to lend money from another individual, companies or any other entities, and it is also recognized as a debt that needs to be repaid by the borrower to their lender with additional interest rate. Most of the lending companies are making a promissory note as a form of assurance that the borrower will definitely pay their loan to their lender, and the note my include important details, such as the date of repayment, the principal amount of the money borrowed, and the interest rate the lender is charging. The different types of loans include the unsecured loan, which are not secured against the borrower’s assets and some examples of that are personal loans, credit card debit, bank overdrafts, corporate bonds, and credit facilities; the secured loan, which is defined as a type of loan in which the borrower are pledging their assets as a form of collateral; the concessional loan, which can also be called as soft loan and are usually made by foreign governments to developing countries; the demand loans, which are defined as short-term type of loans and does not have any fixed dates of repayment; and the subsidized loans, in which its interest is reduced by a hidden subsidy.

An example of an unsecured loan is the registration loan, which is defined as a cash payment until the next pay check of the borrower, and this certain loan is only applicable to the applicants who owns a vehicle registered under their name. In registration loan, a lien, which is described as the right of the borrower to get or possess the property of the borrower until he or she have paid off their loaned money, is not being placed in the titles of the borrower’s car, and this certain example is not requiring the applicants to pay a very high interest rates. Registration loan is definitely different from a car title loan, because in the latter it is described as a traditional loan, wherein the lender has the right to keep the title of the car owned by the borrower as a secured collateral and will be given back after the borrower has done paying off the money that they have lent from the lender. There are quite a few lending companies that offers registration loan, and the common requirements that they tend to ask to their applicants include the VIN or vehicle identification number or their motor vehicle registration under their name, owns a vehicle that is free and clear, government issued identification card, a minimum of eighteen years of age, and owns a debit card, pre-paid debit card and a checking account. The people who wants to apply in such loans and wants to find the best and authentic lending companies can find them through the internet, or from the word of mouth or recommendations of families and colleagues.

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