Derby Hats are the Cherry on Top

The Kentucky Derby is as American as apple pie and sweet tea. This southern tradition dates back to 1875 which makes it the longest running sport in U.S history. When you hear the words Kentucky Derby you instantly think about mint juleps and extravagant hats. While hats were not introduced until around 1960, the tradition is still one of the biggest staples of the day. The tradition came to be after fashion trends were becoming more unique and women wanted to stand out, especially with the event now being televised. The hats are what stand out the most, but really, the Derby was a time for women to show off their spring fashion. Their hats were expertly coordinated with the purse, dress and shoes.

What little girl doesn’t love dressing up in their mother’s hat? They’ve been a staple for playing dress up ever since playing dress up was a thing. The hat tops off the perfect outfit. It’s like a cherry on top of a perfect ice cream sundae. Hats are often times associated with royalty, which is why Derby hats received even more recognition after Prince William and Kate were married in 2011. The hats were talked about as much as the actual wedding. Derby fashion continues to be one of the pivotal parts of the horse riding event.

If you love watching the Kentucky Derby, having a watch party is a fantastic idea. Invite your friends and make sure to have them dress up as if they are actually attending the race. Sure, it’s only two minutes of watching horses speed around a track, but that’s why a watch party is so exciting. Get dressed to the nines, serve mint juleps and appetizers and feel like royalty right in your living room. You could even have a best dressed or best hat trophy to give out. If you want to be a bit more casual, you can just have your guests wear an attention grabbing hat.

If you get stuck on ideas for planning a terrific party, visit the Kentucky Derby website to view their ultimate Derby party planning guide. The guide has fun games, contests and even recipes for popular appetizers and meals that will definitely be a hit. The Kentucky Derby has been bringing people together for over a century and is still proving to be the most exciting two minutes in American sports.

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