Getting The Trendy Clean Look

    Though many trends come and go, a classic that is making a hard and fast comeback while also having maintained a meaningful essence in all decades of fashion, is the modern clean look with neutral but well chosen pieces and colours and, sometimes paired with statement pieces to show off your style. It’s important to really think of fashion as something that can communicate with others a certain aspect of yourself, but that doesn’t have to be loud and in-your-face statement. Fashion can be subdued, especially now, and say a lot more than your usual statement outfits that can detract from what your statement really is. Here are a couple tips on achieving this popular look.

            The first thing you should do when considering this style choice is to take a look at your own wardrobe. Though this style is considered to mainly selected neutral pieces in great colours that work well together, it’s perfect true that you probably have a lot of the essentials for this style on hand. The main rule to consider is not to fit the clothing, but to have clothing fit you. Essentials can be in main colour neutrals like black, white, brown, camel, and more. You can also get soft and baby versions of primary colours that will go well with your outfit. Another thing you should consider when picking out pieces is that colour, fit, and material are kind. You must consider these when looking for the right pieces for this style.

            Secondly, you should think about the fit of your clothing. Knowing what works on your body is essential for making this look work out for you. Oversized pieces work well with this look, so you can go bigger, but only when it makes you look good enough to fit the style you’re going for, otherwise it can get a little too much.

            Lastly, you should rethink your accessories. Your accessories should not be statement pieces, unless they’re by themselves, and they should always be subtle and beautiful. Check out Kay Jewelers for huge savings on the right look.

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