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Predisposing Factors That Cause Low Libido In Women

Lack of interest in sex has been a nagging problem in women for many years. There is a time in a woman’s life where they completely lose interest in sex. When this happens they are afraid of losing their husbands to younger girls that are more active. Many women start trying to ask themselves the problem that they could suffer from. Losing interest in sex is a problem that can happen to women of any age. Research conducted concluded that women are at a higher risk of developing low libido. This can be portrayed in today’s society by the many rape cases that involve men show that men are not capable of controlling their sex drive. There are many reasons why women are reported to experience low sex drive than men.

One of the idea that can make a man to lose interest in sex if they are living a life that is not up to their standard. Rather than making love, women expect more in a relationship. They need to be loved by their lovers. Women need to be pampered with the things that they need. Other things that women expect from their lover is compassion and appreciation. If at all a woman does not get the necessities they need in a relationship they start getting bored. If a woman is bored and not happy they are unable to enjoy making love with their partner. When a couple is bored in a relationship they should consider being adventurous and make their lovemaking enjoyable. A relationship can be spiced by going out for dates, participating in fun activities like swimming, jogging in the morning and many more. Among the mistakes that couples make while dating is they forget that they should also be doing the activities that they were doing even before they were married. There is a need to keep still the love burning even after marriage.

Another reason that can make women have low libido is that they are no longer excited about sex. When a couple is young, there are so interest in lovemaking. This curiosity makes the sex drive for sex in women to be high. Thus, married partners should come up with new techniques for lovemaking. This can be done by trying different sex positions, foreplay and trying to come up with new places to lovemaking.

The third reason that could be making women to lose interest in sex could be because of their partner’s dysfunction. Men also suffer from low sex drive, there are various factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men this information post has more details about it. Depression is among the causes of low sex drive in men. No matter the cause of the low sex drive it is possible to get treated and become a pro again.

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