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Permanent Residency And US Citizenship Differences

It is important for you to know that permanent residency can provide you with so many great benefits of citizenship with just a number of exceptions.

You should know that you cannot vote in elections, and it might not be a big deal based on how you think about it. Another difference of being a permanent resident is that you cannot work for the government. That is why if you want to work in a government office, then you need to be a naturalized citizen first.

And in order for you to be eligible to become a citizen, you need to wait three years from the time you became a permanent resident.

One of the reasons why you might want to become a US citizen is that you want to petition some of your immediate family members to the country under a permanent visa. And in order for you to do it, you should be a US citizen.

You can petition your immediate family to the country under a visitor’s or tourist visa using your permanent residency but they will not be eligible to be a permanent resident unless you are a US citizen.

Another thing that you need to know about a citizen over a permanent resident is on how you will be dealing with a convicted crime.

If you will be convicted of a felony, then you will be spending one or more years in prison. If you will be convicted of felony, then you will serve some sentence and might lose some of your citizenship rights like carrying a firearm and voting but you can still keep your citizenship.

You need to know that a permanent resident that is convicted with a felony will have the same sentence but after serving some time in prison, he or she might lose his or her right to remain in the country and may be deported.

It is important for you to take note that the country is actually considered as a melting pot for so many cultures and ethnicities. You might be one of those people that are confused on the difference between citizenship and green card holders. Even if they have some similarities, they are actually really different from each other.

If you want to get a lawful residency or have some queries about the immigration in the country, then you should talk to the US immigration bonds and insurance services.

You need to know that permanent residents can be deported if they commit some actions or crimes that are considered grounds for deportation. The crimes that are usually common grounds for deportation are sever or aggravated felonies and marriage fraud. That is why you need to make sure that you will avoid being convicted with these crimes so that you can stay in the country without any issues. If you want to know more, click here now.

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