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5 GAINS OF CONSTRUCTING DUPLEXES Diverse and the finest duplex designs is what architects endeavour to achieve. The ultimate decisions on what the duplex builders should come up with is the final consumer. The other major factor that is considered by the duplex builders is the duplex design floor plans. This is because a well laid out ground plan have a direct bearing on what appliances can fit in the duplex. If the duplex designs and prices are affordable, prospective buyers will be able to afford and excite the general market. For shareholders value to be exploited, there must be a well thought out strategy before duplex building. What are the gains of building duplexes Extra income Since duplex involves the construction of a house with two floors and separate doors, it simply means two separate families can leave above each other. These have the advantages of getting two rental income sources from different family units. These have the general effect of reducing the financial strain in bills payment to the owner of the building.
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Maximize on land space With a design that comes with duplex, land utilization is realized because two units are built above each other. By extension it means where the second unit would have been constructed, another duplex can be put up thereby maximizing on the same amount of land space.
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Secrecy Secrecy is possible with a duplex design because family units uses different entrances to their rooms. Incidences of crashing are well regulated with duplex design. Improved safety With duplex design safety for the dwellers is greatly enhanced because they can look up to each other in case of an attack Expenditures reduction Common area bills are easily shared with duplex buildings. Costs are like security guard, compound lighting, and garbage collection charges are split into two thus reducing on expenditure. To the duplex builders; a saving is realized because of the construction of common installations like gate, water and power piping. If attractive duplex building are put up with good designs, family units may feel encouraged to leave in them because of the many advantages that come with jointly sharing a compound. If land scarcity challenge is to be addressed particularly in the urban centres, duplex buildings must be encouraged for habitation by the family units. This can be done by offering of mortgage facilities to dwellers of duplex building with a view to attracting them to own units. More so governments may adopt policies that may encourage people to take up duplex buildings as a choice rather than living in separates compounds.

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